Chomp Chomp Attack Name Change and New Music Announced

Canada act Chomp Chomp Attack who released an EP "How Do You Like Me Now" with several videos to accompany it have decided to change their name, some band members, as well as their sound tactics with the following messages via their Facebook page;

"Dear, Chomp Chomp Attack! Fans.

Today we are announcing that for personal and professional reasons we have decided to turn in a new direction as well as change our band name to "Silentts". We want to thank all of you that have supported us for so long and hope that you will continue to do so with this new start. We wouldn't be this far without you guys. There will be further explanation on the name change in the coming weeks. Thank you again, we love you all." - Mike Silentts, Nick Nightmares and Aiden Von Rose.

"Just to clear things up the band name change is not because of the post that Metalsucks wrote or about anything anyone has said. It was a personal decision that was made months ago and taken into action weeks ago!" - Mike Silentts

"It's time for the announcement everyone! Aiden Von Rose is stepping down from his throne at the drums and will be joining Mike Silentts and Nick Nightmares at the front of the stage as the new bass player!

But that's not all! We will be announcing a NEW drummer in the up and coming weeks as well as another really big announcement that is for sure gonna take you guys by surprise! With that said we welcome Aiden Von Rose as bassist of the band!"

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