Madness Of Sorrow - Take the Children Away from the Priest

Gothic metallers Madness Of Sorrow released their 2011 debut "Signs" which was later followed-up with 2013's sophomore effort "Take the Children Away from the Priest". This time around this album speaks about various themes all linked to the Vatican church having dealt with corruption, pedophilia, and it's uncountable wealth as well as personal themes since this release was not intended to be a concept album.

The album's leading single and video for "King must die", embraces a mid temp energy with a nice arrangement made by the keyboards that allows this haunting yet spooky essence which engulfs the song and whole album. Other songs like "I Hate You", "I'm not perfect", "Guilty", and "Ghost", express a truly amazing atmosphere with the music, each song giving off this eerie presents as "King must die" did except these songs take that feeling and forces it, making it more captivating and unique.

"Take the Children  Away from the Priest" is a follow-up release that takes what was there before, in "Signs" and breaks free, showcasing a whole another side, of what Madness Of Sorrow is capable of doing, this shows maturity, music ability, and achievement as musicians.

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