Living Dead Lights - Black Letters

An album that was long overdue from Los Angeles, Californian go getters the Living Dead Lights has arisen entitled "Black Letters". Which debuted their single and video for "This Is Our Evolution", beforehand to get everyone hyped, did the job more than expected. "Black Letters" delivers a 12-track assortment of hard rock/heavy metal/punk inspired tunes coming from songs; "I'll Be Your Frankenstein", "It's Drowning In My Veins", "I'm Dead To Myself", "Falling Down", and "Ghosts and Saints", all deliver their own uniqueness. For instance the acoustic ender "Ghost and Saints", expresses a softer yet passionate effect to the listener whereas, "Falling Down", has that raw emotional appeal same goes for "I'll Be Your Frankenstein", and "It's Drowning In My Veins" they go great with one another, it makes the listening experience sharp and expressive. While "I'm Dead To Myself", combines these elements having these guys sound a lot like Papa Roach meets Bomb Child vocalist/guitarist Taka Tamada's previous band, when it comes down to it. Living Dead Lights has made an astounding move forward from the time of their self-titled EP debut, it clearly shows upon this release and that ain't half bad.

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