Maggie says it's All About Me!

Soulful pop artist Maggie has an eclectic sound that extends past the boundaries of pop and neo-soul, and creates a blend transcendent of being pigeonholed as a flavor-of-the-week. Her larger than life voice is vivacious, honest and timeless - a force that has been influenced by the greats, and yet clearly is no imitation. Maggie took some time to discuss her latest single "Tidal Waves and Hurricanes" and plans for the bright upcoming future!

1. What type of artist are you?

Maggie: I’m a pop/soul artist, singing songs that I write from my own personal experiences.

2. Tell us the brief history of you being an artist.

Maggie: For as long as I can remember I knew music and singing is what I was meant to do. I grew up taking advantage of every opportunity I could to sing in front of a crowd. When I was 13 I wrote my first full song, and I continued to try and grow as an artist. I eventually moved to Nashville and wrote and recorded an EP, which got me a record deal with Linus Entertainment, a label in Canada. After releasing an album through them and successfully getting my single Lovesick played on radio across the country, I decided my next move would be Los Angeles. So now here I am! I just released a new single and I’m working on new music to share with the world!

3. Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

Maggie: Carole King has always been one of my main influences. I've always looked up to her because she’s such an amazing songwriter and artist, and her music is timeless. I've also always looked up to Etta James and Eva Cassidy for their amazing vocal styling's, and artists like Justin Timberlake who have been so influential in pop music.

4. What are your songs about? (What specific themes do they cover?)

Maggie: My songs are my stories; they are about experiences that I've gone through and stories that I feel compelled to share through my music. They tend to be a lot about relationships and love, something we all struggle with but also strive for.

5. Do you write your own songs? (Discuss the songwriting process in detail.)

Maggie: Absolutely! I write by myself a lot, but I also really enjoy co-writing. When I’m feeling like I just want to be alone, that’s when I know I just need to lock myself in my room and write a song. However, co-writing can be so much fun because I get inspired by other people and there are always so many cool ideas that I may not have thought of by myself!

6. Speaking of songs, can you tell me about the song “Tidal Waves and Hurricanes”?

Maggie: "Tidal Waves and Hurricanes" is a song I wrote shortly after moving to Los Angeles from Ontario, Canada. Moving to LA was a huge change for me because I didn't know anyone here when I got here, and it’s always a big transition moving from a different country. I felt inspired to write this song because it was a struggle being in this new place by myself, and I felt that a lot of people could relate to what I was feeling. It’s a song about not letting the lows get you down because we’re all stronger than we think we are!

7. Where can we expect to find this song on future material a future EP or full-length release?

Maggie: I’m busy working right now on more material to release to the world, which I’m very excited about. I’m kind of taking it song by song right now, which I would love to compile into a full-length album this year.

8. What's new in the recording of your music?

Maggie: I feel like I've let my guard down a lot when it comes to expressing myself through my music; I’m not afraid to sing what I’m really feeling, or share certain stories that I may have been a little scared to admit to.

9. What are your upcoming plans for shows and touring?

Maggie: I’m very excited to be celebrating the release of my music video for Tidal Waves and Hurricanes at Hotel Café on February 8th, 9 PM.  I’ll be screening the music video for the first time, so everyone there will be the first to see it! Then my band and I will perform for everyone.

10. What inspires you to do what you do?

Maggie: My strong love for music inspires me to do what I do. There’s nothing else that makes me feel happier than writing a new song, performing, or sharing music for people to hear.

11. What advice would you give to fellow artists/bands?

Maggie: The advice I would give is to be inspired, believe in yourself and stay positive! The opportunity to share music is an amazing gift, so take advantage of it!

12. How does music affect you and the world around you?

Maggie: Music has such a positive impact on who I am; it makes me feel like I belong and it continues to inspire me everyday. I think music connects the whole world together. We can relate to feelings and stories, and feel certain emotions through notes and sounds. It’s universal!

13. What are your dreams and goals?

Maggie: My dreams are to share music with the world that people can relate to. I would love to tour the world with my band, and gain new fans and people to share my songs with! Winning a Grammy is also on my list too.

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