Marla Mase - Half Life

Alternative classic punk soul funk experimental out-spoken gal Marla Mase has gotten herself signed under True Groove Records and has a worldwide distribution deal with The Orchard, thus the release of her follow-up to her full-length album "Speak Deluxe" entitled "Half Life" an EP that takes it all back to the personal aspect of her life finding that universal in the personal she says. So with that, "Drown in Blue", "Things That Scare Me", "The Heart Beats", and "Hold Fast Your Dreams", all really have their own creativity and uniqueness like sounding a lot like Sade crossed with Alicia Keys meets Paramore with Eyes Set To Kill just a combination of a little bit of everything, which makes her that more enjoyable and rather upbeat. Marla Mase is another one of those up-and-comers that should be highly watched out for and will make it big in this scene if not bigger.

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