Monks of Mellonwah - Turn The People

Monks of Mellonwah's musical journey has just begun it seems with the release of their debut album "Turn The People". It features an array of songs which includes one hit wonder for song and video "Ghost Stories", and other enjoyable tunes "Tear You Hate Apart", "Pulse", Alive For A Minute", and "Afraid To Die". These songs and the entire album really impacting a combination of sound and style, having the alternative, rock, pop, electronic, and progressive all mashed together, creating a unique and rather beautiful blend of music that is truly flawless. This is without a doubt a release that will make it's mark in the scene for these guys, it showcase such instrumental works and vocal chords that really captures other various acts like Keane, Coldplay, and Muse even. Monks of Mellonwah's journey may have just begun when it comes to this release and their musical careers but this is just the start of something great and amazing work that will expand in no time at all.

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