Typhoon Release New Video "Rorschach"

The indie-rock band Typhoon have released a new music video for the single "Rorschach" from their forthcoming album "Offerings", which will be released January 12th via Roll Call Records. The video, directed by Matthew Thomas Ross, is a frenzied visualization of human contemplation and recollection. It depicts a man sorting through his memories, with each one sparking a new emotional reaction. The video is peppered with other individuals in the same predicament, separated and held captive by screens.

"This video pulls multiple visual and thematic references from Offerings," shares Ross. "Without giving too much away; our story is playing with the idea of being stuck inside your subconscious, fixated on one memory, while questioning it over and over again. While on the outside, the rest of you continues to age. Moments turn into memories and then memories become memories of a memory..."

Check it out right HERE.

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