Anarcheon Uses Their Claws of Discussion

Metal go getters ANARCHEON have released their first video from their single "Etherous Claws", taken from their debut EP "Stratusfear". Since these were released a while ago, the freshness is still alive and well. As the band would go into discussion below about the EP, and their plans of activity in terms of touring, and releasing all new music in the form of a debut full-length album, find it all below.

1. Give a brief history of Anarcheon, music style, and the members.

Anarcheon was formed by bassist Sylvain Maltais and Vocalist Kaija Kinney. There wasn't really a direction we were aiming for there was awesome chemistry so we just wanted to go along with whatever came out. 

Bassist Sylvain is more of an Iron Maiden guy and also plays in a Maiden tribute band called Maiden BC also an original metal band Omega Crom.

Guitarist Clayton Bach is a self taught player that has varying influences from different artists and genres making his songs rather unique and raw.

Drummer Steve Richardo comes from a guitar based background and has been in many bands in the past. This is his first metal band that he drums in.

Vocalist Kaija Kinney started out poking around on the guitar and writing songs that way. Leading her to front an alternative rock band called Mouthful Of Daisy. Soon realized that being in a metal band would only fulfil her happiness she dove into a different vocal style.

People have said us to be more of the Melodic Death Metal side. I have no clue but sweet, I'll take it!

2. How did the band come up with the name Anarcheon?

 The band name is a play in Anarchy. We wanted to keep it somewhere in that realm so we made up a word and all agreed on it!

3. Give in more detail, some information about your latest EP “Stratusfear”?

For our EP Stratusfear it was really all about getting some material out there that we were excited about. With our new guitar player Clayton we were super stoked to showcase what is now Anarcheon. Each song being quite different than the next is what we love to do! It took us this past year to write between touring etc. As for lyrically it is a mix of uplifting, depression and fiction. So kind of a mix of everything.

4. Why go with a debut EP release as opposed to a debut full-length album?

We went with an EP just to get some material out there with our new guitar player. Also to keep fans interested and not waiting to long for a full length.

5. Are you a signed or unsigned band?


6. If you are not signed would you like to get signed with a label or prefer the DIY method?

We like the DIY method. We aren't completely opposed to a label but it would have to be on par with what we are doing and we wouldn't be down to give up any of our ownership.

7. What inspires your music and lyrical writing?

I think for all of us we are very emotion based. We let the instruments talk rather than going for a specific sound. As for lyrics it really depends on the guitar work. Whatever emotion I pick up on it sort of flows out. So you'll notice the lyrics vary from each song with not a theme throughout all of our songs.

8. Can you throw some light on whom you take influence from when creating your music?

We are all quite different but for Clayton it would be probably Jinjer. For Sylvain he is a very strong Iron Maiden based playing yet unique. For Kaija it's kind of all over the place. You can find hints of The Black Dahlia Murder, Dillinger Escape Plan, Eminem and Death By Stereo. If they all had on baby together I guess that would be her. Hahaha!

9. What does the band plan on doing in mean time?

Right now we are writing our full length album and focussing on our upcoming tour!

10. Any message to our readers?

Thanks for taking the time to check us out we have lots of wicked stuff coming up next year and hey check out our new video here

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