Satanic - Architecture of Chaos

Canadians Satanic decided to take into account two genres to that of death metal mixed with thrash metal, of the metal genre. What be the ending results of the genre mixture well brutality! Hence forth the written and recorded content that is their debut album titled "Architecture of Chaos".  The album consisting of 8-tracks brings together the genres mentioned prior except enhances them, as the quality over quantity is superior. Like for instance take the opener "Mephistophelian", it is simply aggressive yet fierce. The usage of guitar riffs with constant drum beatings makes the vocal chords more intense in quality appearances. In other words, the music is downright fun and entertaining, surely an opening number, to really get you into the mood of what is offered here. As other numbers like 'World of Chaos", "Processing The Undead", "Armageddon", and "Biotech Warfare", give you the idea of what the opening track was offering beforehand. Except these tracks are more of a variety of sorts, still death and thrash metal to its finest possibilities available, but they are more heavier and keep the music flowing on an ongoing bases. How else would you expect metal music to turn out, but be heavy, brutal, and loads of fun! It's how Satanic roll with the beats of their genre mixing, and for them it just works in their favor more so than it should let alone needs to be really. Be sure to keep your eye out for any other material that progresses from an act such as this one.

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