The U.S. Americans - Greatest Hits

The U.S. Americans have decided that now would be the good time and or right time to release a "Greatest Hits" release, enclosing all if not most of their hits, extending over their career as musicians. So then, how does this so called "Greatest Hits", of a release, hold up? Well it just so happens that it holds up rather nicely.

In fact, it brings forth 12-tracks in all, taking in a little bit of this and that, for the career of The U.S. Americans, having such numbers as "Playtime", "Innocent Fools", "Movies" "Fade Out", Storytime", and "Lazy Suzy", to name a few. As these were the types of tracks that would be more catching to the ears, body, and mind. Or is it, mind, body and soul? Either way, these little numbers do pack in a powerful punch of a hit, for each of these. As each one plays off one another instantly, having this off limits tone, that keep the beats a float, while the energy is endless. In other words, the material is presented in a manner, that just works out. There are no words to depict its meaning it's just loads of fun.

That is how The U.S. Americans play their tunes, being punk rockers and all, their "Greatest Hits", of a release, is downright fun and out of sight! Or as they say out of sight, out of mind, because the material placed here, does that, it just takes you away, keeping the beats jumping and grooves funky!

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