The Browning's Jonny McBee Makes Announcement

"I have Bell’s palsy. With Bell’s palsy, I’m not able to move the right side of face. According to the doctors, and after researching online, there is not much to be done to remedy this other than to wait.

"Bell's palsy is caused by your brain swelling, leading to your facial nerve being pinched and unable to be used. This can last anywhere from a few weeks to potentially being permanent.

"Right now, I have had it for a week and it feels that each day, something is getting slightly worse. I am almost out of the steroids I was prescribed by the doctor, and once I am done with those, I will go back in to get re-evaluated.

"I have people telling me there’s nothing I can do and people telling me to get acupuncture and do some Chinese herbal treatments. There really isn't enough information out there on this and it is really annoying to deal with.

"It makes things that much harder, as I am already dealing with a lot of pressure, so to have this happen inhibits me from being as productive as I need to be. The pressures of writing a new album, streaming full time, making money, home life, and general happiness are all things I struggle with daily. Now, a lot of those things have been put in jeopardy because of some random thing in my brain being screwed up. Add to that the uncertainty of the outcome or how long things may be delayed!

"I know there are a lot of people out there that support me and probably don't care about a delay as much as I do. The last thing I want to do is disappoint anyone, mainly myself.

"I might not be able to control the outcome of being able to move my face, talk properly, or blink. But what I can control is my motivation to not let it stop me from being creative, and inspiring others. Once I am able to speak properly, I will record vocals to finish up our new album. Until then, I’ll focus on my health, and really nail down the instrumentals for this album."

Watch McBee's video detailing his diagnosis HERE.

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