Alpha Mule - Corpus Christi

Alpha Mule is an American duo of musicians from sunny Southern California. But their music is influenced primarily from the American south and southwest terrains, taking such genres into account as rock, blues, bluegrass, folk, and traditional country. Those genres is where the album "Peripheral Vision", comes into effect, especially the opening track titled "Corpus Christi".

Now the track may be the opening number for this album in question, but as it turns out, this track just so happens to also be the single of choice for this album. So then how does it hold up, well like many other country, folk, based rock tracks, this one is no different. It sounds like the others off this album and by other artists and bands as well, just fine. It is decent enough, everything working in the favor of the track. Instrumentals, vocalization it all fits, let alone works out for the album's material and this track as well.

In other words "Corpus Christi", is a track of sorts, that just stands out for this album as a whole. It offers the vocalization provided by Joe Forkan, whose work is not only vocals, but backing vocals as well as acoustic guitar, as Joe Forkan and Eric Stoner on the banjo, are the duo of musicians that make Alpha Mule as it is now. The duo's craft and workmanship is well rounded, making the music fun and interesting. It is bouncy and upbeat, one of those tracks you could toss on, enjoy, and even find yourself singing along to, if not even dancing to. It is just that much fun of a track. The rest of the material to come from "Peripheral Vision", is a lot like this, being upbeat and rather catching throughout.

Why it was that "Corpus Christi", was chosen as a single for this album who knows, but it was the right choice to be had. As said before, it is a fun and interesting track, being rather catching and upbeat at that. Not much else to be said of expressed about it really. Alpha Mule is a lot like other folk artists or bands within that genre setting, having very similar grounds of style and sound in terms of their musical craft.

When listening in to this track the handful of times for this piece, it began obvious that the track was growing on me. Each play through it became much more entertaining, catchier, and even faster in terms of rhythm of beats. Vocalization kept up this pace of an up and down mannerism that just felt right, everything was overflowing the music, vocals, it just kept on rolling through. Why this was so, there is no reasoning to it, it was so much fun after the number of times hearing it play out.

Alpha Mule is an Americanized act of the folk, rock, country, blues scene but it really works out for them. Likely their style may sound a lot alike other acts in and around through the years, but their style is more or less unique and original, because it is modernized to be loads of fun, when listening to it, nothing else than that really.

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