Alesana Releases Music Video For “Fits and Starts”

Off the heels of releasing their project Origins, rock outfit and Revival Recordings artist Alesana has released a brand new music video. The song, “Fits and Starts,” comes off their new EP, The Lost Chapters, which is exclusively available through Origins. The music video features footage from fans writing down their fears, giving positive messages, and holding up signs reading “I say farewell to giving up” which is a lyric taken from the track. The band had asked for fan involvement for a secret project back in early October without giving many details to what the videos fans sent in would be used for. When discussing the concept behind the music video and the song, singer Shawn Milke said,

”This music video means a great deal to us. For years, we have had fans tell us that Alesana has saved their lives. Every time I hear those words, I am rendered speechless. To have such a profound effect on somebody through music and art is incredibly humbling. So many have shared stories of survival and perseverance with us. Fits and Starts is our way of saying thank YOU for all YOU have done for us. Thank you for being so open and honest with us. Thank you for sharing your pain, your fears, your hopes, your failures, your successes. We are all in this life together and we should never be afraid to lean on each other. The song is about it being okay to be afraid. It is okay to not know what to do all the time; but we must keep trying. We do not give up. We ask for help if we need it. Positivity is not about ignoring the negative it is about finding ways to overcome it. In the video, you are invited into the world of someone who is writing down their thoughts and then singing it to no-one. This person eventually finds the strength to step back and look to someone for help. It is not about saying farewell and giving up, it is about saying farewell TO giving up. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone who contributed to this video. PMA.”

Along with the music video, Alesana has released a shirt with the lyric, "I say farewell to giving up," in languages from around the world. Alesana plans to donate a portion of the proceeds to Hope For The Day. The shirt is available for purchase through the Revival Recordings website right HERE.The music video for “Fits and Starts” is streaming now and can be viewed HERE.

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