Ryan Zimmerman - Ephemeral as a Kiss

For New Jersey go getter Ryan Zimmerman, he's a musician of sorts, whose work has been spanning for over a decade now. In fact, after all this time spent as a musician, he went ahead to write and record his own working's releasing two releases within days of one another. Believe it or not "Working Musician" the debut album was released in 2016 whilst the follow-up release an EP titled "Ephemeral as a Kiss", released days later on in 2017.

Out of the two releases though, we will disclose the craft and wisdom that is the EP release "Ephemeral as a Kiss", a brief roundup of tracks, that sums up what and whom Ryan Zimmerman is all about as a person and musician. When the EP kicks off it opens up with a track titled "The Reason", and no not the one known famous from Hoobastank of the same name. This is a whole another track altogether, it just uses the same namesake is all. When it comes down to it, "The Reason", is a really uplifting and rather catchy beat, it never lets you down, but picks you up, as you feel the rhythm in tow, letting you smile and sway to the beat. Whereas the track "Lola and John", takes another approach in style of sound, having it be more or less, an acoustic funk rock tone, but is still catching but not as uplifting as the opening number had been. Another track that tends to stand out would have to be the closer "For the Meek", this one is again not as uplifting as the opener, but it still has promise going for it. It keeps this reggae vibe flowing through, that keeps it interesting yet edgy.

In short, the working's from Ryan Zimmerman takes on the likeness of funk, rock, reggae, just a mixture of this and that, but has it working together, making it be right with the music. He is a solo artist, that has got skill, class, and craftsmanship as a musician.  He is one that you can confide in, and enjoy his works no problems asked.

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