Menny - Forever 4 U

"Level Up", being the current and only release from Menny, a pop artist of sorts whose sound and style is making the rounds across the music scene currently. Will soon be releasing his debut full-length album, in the coming months of this upcoming year. But before that happens another source of music must follow suit from "Level Up", leading up to the release to that of this debut album. This track being titled "Forever 4 U".

The track is nothing like "Level Up", vocalization may be similar in style of sound, but the quality between this new one and the old track, are nothing alike. "Forever 4 U", is much more upbeat, catching to the ear, has got a groove flowing to it, that it makes the music more bouncy. That you will find yourself dancing to it, instantly if not immediately after hearing the track a few times over.
More or less "Forever 4 U", is a track to be heard within the walls of a night club setting, if not your radio of your home or vehicle setting. Either way, it is likely a track of sorts, that will be very fitting to the club setting, surely having you, as said prior dancing to it. It is that catching and so on putting to the ears, it keeps your body focused and grooving.

In other words, Menny's got something here, whether it'd be his previous single or this new single "Forever 4 U", it is a track, that is here to stay, and so is he, Menny. He may just be another chart topper, if not at least an artist, that will not be forgotten or disliked. More to be liked for many more releases from him, to see fit, as his music of pop is so very suiting to him.

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