Wardruna's leader, Einar Selvik, released a solo EP earlier this month. Snake Pit Poetry is a ten-minute EP that contains an acoustic version, as well as the complete studio version, of his much-requested piece "Snake Pit Poetry," written for History Channel's beloved TV show Vikings. Limited 10" Snake Pit Poetry vinyls with etched B-side will be on sale on the upcoming North American tour and at retail on February 2, and are currently available online HERE. They will also be available on cult obsession Wardruna's upcoming North American tour, which is selling out rapidly. Says Einar Selvik about the tour:

"Over the last few years we have received countless emails and comments from fans across the US and Canada requesting us to “cross the pond” and perform more in North America and now we are FINALLY able to announce our first ever tour in North America. In February 2018 we set out to do a handful concerts in the eastern US and Canada. We hope that many people will come and support us as well as spread the word and we hope that this is only the first of many American tours in the time to come!"

Due to the overwhelming demand, Wardruna recently added more dates to its first-ever North American tour. The band will play a second Montreal date at The Corona Theater—which is now sold out—as is its Washington, DC date. Wardruna also added Toronto to its route, where it will end its tour at The Danforth Music Hall. The band will travel to Washington DC, New York, Montreal, Toronto, and Boston over an eight-day stretch.


February 1: Silver Spring, MD @ The Fillmore **SOLD OUT**
February 3:  New York, NY @ Town Hall 
February 4: Montreal, QC @ Corona Theater **SOLD OUT**
February 6: Boston, MA @ The Wilbur Theatre
February 7: Montreal, QC @ Corona Theater **SOLD OUT**
February 8: Toronto, ON @ The Danforth Music Hall

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