A Wake in Providence's D'Andre says Some Really Awesome Stuff Comes Soon!

A Wake In Providence have gone on to release a new EP "Insidious: Phase II" the follow-up to the previous EP "Insidious". This version of in-take, takes on a re-recording of the songs, with the added addition of two new tracks. "Ov Hell" being one of the new tracks that was made into a single and or video release. Guitarist D'Andre Tyre discusses said EP, it's accompanying single release, and what they may have planned for the coming future.

1. What role do you play in the band?

D'Andre: I play guitar for A Wake in Providence, I’m also the primary writer for the band as well

2. Why go on with using a name such as A Wake In Providence?

D'Andre: Honestly it was a name that kind of came out of thin air. Funny enough, when we were searching for names we had a list of all the cities and capitals in America trying to come up with something cool, and man did we come up with some bad names lol. But the name as it is stuck and we never looked back. It really stuck out to us because it doesn’t give you an idea what you’re getting into musically, which was something we wanted.

3. Who has influenced your sound and style?

D'Andre: A lot of bands as whole, but currently I’d say bands like Fallujah, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Behemoth, Der Weg Einer Freiheit, deftones, Whitechapel, to name a few.

4. How do you go about writing the songs that fit into the style that you create?

D'Andre: I work at my home studio Black Paw Audio and start either with a drum idea or a simple riff idea and I keep at it until I think there’s something really good there, then and only then will I present it to the other guys as a finished product. It’s a long process but I’m 100% satisfied with the way it’s been working out.

5. What would be the best way to deacribe the genre that you create?

D'Andre: Uhhhhhhhhhh if we’re being complicated, I’d have to say “Blackened technical deathcore”? Which sounds hilarious but that’s the most accurate sub-genre way to explain it, but we’ve been sticking to metal.

6. Why did you think that "Ov Hell" would make a good single and video choice for this EP titled "Insidious: Phase II"?

D'Andre: Well, “Ov Hell” is actually a B-side from the insidious era that I felt I should re-work and include in this version of the EP, but since I.T was wildly different and hasn’t been heard before, we figured what a better way to introduce a new version of insidious to everyone other than with a “new-ish” song? Lol

7. How did you get Darius Tehrani of Spite to be a part of the track, and was he also included on the accompanying video as well?

D'Andre: I spoke to the guys about the idea of grabbing him for the track after realizing the part he’s on sounded like the perfect section for his vocals. Turns out Darius and I have some mutual friends and it was a matter of hitting them up to put us in contact. Unfortunately due to time constraints he was unable to do the video, but it was in the works.

8. Why go on to re-record material, that's already been made available on another release, and toss it onto this EP "Insidious: Phase II"?

D'Andre: We never really put to much stock into the idea until our fans really pushed for us to do it after we got a new vocalist. We wanted to add a touch more as far as 2 other tracks and some updated parts as well as live drums, new vocals, and a new mix so it wasn’t exactly the same.

9. How come you wanted the assorted amount of guests as vocalists to appear on this particular EP? What did they bring to the table for this EP?

D'Andre: We’ve become known for having great guest vocals for our tracks, something that kind of just happened, it was never really planned. We wanted to maintain the original guest vocal spots  from the original EP as well as have some fresh voices on there. It just so happened we had to change the one in psycho to feature our good personal friend Ben Duerr of Shadow of Intent, due to time constraints Davis Rider who originally did the guest spot, was unable. We try to find the vocalist who will really compliment a section and the section compliments them, we don’t want to just throw someone on a track just cause, we want it to make sense.

10. Can you tell me something about the EP "Insidious: Phase II", that has not been said about it?

D'Andre: In the most positive way to say this, it’s the end of an era. We wanted to put the insidious era to bed finally and we thought the best way to do that was to give people the EP as we envisioned It to be. That’s a huge reason we added psycho to the EP, if you go back and watch the lyric video for the original version of the song, it says off the upcoming EP Insidious, but it never made it to the EP, so we put on here.

11. What do you have planned between now into this next year?

D'Andre: Some really awesome stuff is where I’ll leave off. Thank you guys for your interest in “Insidious: Phase II” and your interest in the band!

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