So Far Left Announces Break Up and Final Showcase!

So Far Left, a band formed in Corona, California, has announced their break up and final show! Find out what they had to say about everything below,

"8 years ago a little band was formed in Corona California. Through all the years all of us have played a lot of cool shows, met a lot of cool bands and most importantly met a great amount of friends while being in So Far Left. We all want to thank anyone who has ever bought a shirt, downloaded an album of ours, came to support us at a show and get rowdy with us or even taken the time to listen to a shitty demo we have handed out at a local show. Now it is time to move to the next chapter in all our lives, musically and personally. We will be playing our last show as a band on December 7th at the Slide Bar in downtown Fullerton, California with @redeemrevive and @theworldoverofficial if you want to see us live for the last time ever, we would love to see you all come out to this one. Again we want to thank you all for all the love you have shown this band these past 8 years. #sofarleft #rip"

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