Amilia K Spicer - Love's For Living

"Wow and Flutter" was the upcoming album from Amilia K Spicer, whose single from said album titled "Fill Me Up", was the buzz of the album back this past spring time that was 2017. Now that, that single and it's addressing album have seen the spotlight for some time now, it is time for a change of pace. Which revolves around the holiday season that has been upon the masses as of fall recently. This brings us to an oldie but a goodie from Amilia K Spicer with her Christmas track with video release titled "Love's For Living".

The video featuring an array of holiday themed goodness of Christmas time adore. As it showcases not just Amilia strutting her stuff in her winter attire with numerous clips posted here and there of the holiday times, in cartoon fashion, animal videos, to other gimmicks and holiday highlights, Amilia does quite a good job in terms of this video's concept and the song as a whole. Besides her being decked out in her wintery attire with holiday decor about, the track itself is very slow paced but has a good beat.

It does not really depict Christmas lyrics within it, as it is more of a loving track appeal. But the concept to the video is holiday themed, so that mixed in with the loving aspect blends well together. The song as said prior, has a beat that is very upbeat, quite catching to the ear, and video's visuals is again fun and wholesome. If you had to toss this track or video about during the holiday season, it would be a fine fit.

As far as Amilia's vocalization and instrumental works upon this holiday track, her vocal work is done nicely, her soothing tone keeps the instrumentals afloat and in check. While the instrumentals keep a sure but steady pace of beat, using mostly guitar work with minor use of any other instruments noted. This addition of having less is much more to the ear, as it makes the song more welcoming and fun. Still for a song dealing about a topic that is always relatable in whatever context at hand, it's merely one of those tracks that can be heard whenever during the holiday time of year really.

If the loving theme or concept of said video does not do it for you, then perhaps listening in to such a catching tune, may not be the trick to your seasonal fix. But that does not mean it isn't still there for the listening experience. Again, this particular track is differed from her newer works for sure, but that makes this track and video much more stable yet suitable that it can easily if not possible become a classic holiday tune of the time and place of Amilia's career in music.

In other words, Amilia K Spicer has got one knocking hit of a tune here, that will sure to delight and entertain those during the holiday times of the yearly year. Whether that be with family or friends, close at hand, toss on this track, and you will be greeted with fun and glee galore.

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