Chris Murphy - I Swear I'm Going to Learn This Time

Last time word of Chris Murphy came about, was when his last album was released and came from it was the title track named "Hard Bargain". Now that some time has passed since that release, Chris Murphy has been hard at work, playing shows here and there, as well as creating all new music as well. But this track is taken from an earlier release album titled "Water Under The Bridge" with a track called "I Swear I'm Going To Learn This Time".

That album being released sometime ago back in 2014, so not that far but still quite a bit since its release. This track goes into account just how much change and time has surpassed since this track and its accompanying album has been out and about. For "I Swear I'm Going To Learn This Time", just is about learning from your mistakes and gaining experience from said happening of occurrence. The song itself by the sounds of it, being about forgetfulness, having a good time, pretty much just learning from each mistake as noted prior. It has a good meaning to it really, as we can all learn from, as many of us, if not all of us, have mistakes every now and again, we can learn from and so on and so forth.

It's how this track plays out for Chris Murphy's perspective. In terms of the quality of the sound of the song in question. Simply put, is a delightful yet danceable track with such a contagious rhythm source, it's catchy melodies and harmonies keeps it ever flowing, that you will it to never stop. In other words, it has such an enchanting tone it becomes very uplifting that the vibe is endless and becomes flawless really. Short put is that it will become a likely song you can play repeatedly with no harm done or made by doing so. That is how much fun and very entertaining how this track turns out to be.

When comparing this track to his much newer works, there is a great difference between them. As the new works sound more country based using loads of fiddle work, and guitar wrecking then the previous content as found upon this release. This track going for a more laid back approach, that is more easy listening, going for a modern cowboy essence type of flare in the air. As said beforehand, the song is catching and rather upbeat, that you can find yourself tapping your feet after just a few listens through, if not swaying your body back and forth, dancing right along to the rhythm pulsating through.

In terms of wrapping this up here, Chris Murphy's past works are quite better off than his current works. His present time working's are fine and dandy for sure, but his previous material is more suitable to the ear, keeping in the true blue styling's of traditional country folk rock music. If there had to be a track to hear out, then "I Swear I'm Going To Learn This Time", by Chris Murphy is the one to do so.

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