Airbourne - Black Dog Barking

Airbourne's "Black Dog Barking" is a follow-up to "No Guts No Glory" (2010). Now that it's been a while since last hearing these guys, it's like that their style hasn't changed much between releases even going back to "Runnin Wild" (2007) and I'd be right. "Black Dog Barking" is just as the previous releases were except better if that makes sense. The material is the same hard rock style that resembles the likes of AC/DC spot on except the material is heavier, more raw, and truly flawless. "Live It Up", being the lead single off this release it sets up what other songs can cover like "No One Fits Me (Better Than You)", "Cradle To The Grave", and "Party In The Penthouse", are one's that stand out having that raw heavy duty flawless-ness mentioned before, its Airbourne material from start to finish. All in all it is a release that stays true to the Airbourne likableness.

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