Staton - Wired

To this day it seems like the 80s has yet to fade away or be gone for good which is a good thing, various memorabilia has popped up that's sparked interest to today's and future generations; i.e. animal print, bright highlight colors, furry, and music of course.

With the likes of Steel Panthers, and older acts Cinderella, Poison, Motley Crue, 80s are here to stay and continue with up-and-comers Station and their EP release "Wired". Right off the bat this release kicks things off with "Everything" a true 80s era blend bringing immediately to mind that of Steel Panthers meets Cinderella. While "True Believer" maintains that 80s era momentum, and "I'd Understand",  just so happens to be that "ballad" type of tune that really brings this EP full circle of truly being an 80s remembrance.

Thus Station's skill and ability is truly flawless and rocking, these musicians have got the fiery passion and edge that the 80s era was always known for and will embrace for further generations to experience.

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