Shoot The Girl First - Follow The Clouds

Artery Recording's has signed French new comers Shoot The Girl First who got their start back in 2010 now jumping right into the scene taking their music into an explosive predicament. Thus these guys have preferred not to put themselves under a certain genre or label their focus is souly upon keeping originality by making music that's influenced by a variety of styles which brings us to their debut release "Follow The Clouds".

This release includes their single "Rest In Pieces", a song that gives the listener an expecting experience from what else these guys have to offer, "We'll Never Fall", "Autumn Skies", "Last Lesson, Be A Hero", are other's that collide with one another having that expected similarity and sound style. Same use of guitar portions, bass lines, drum patters, and vocal chords that blend into one another isn't very catching as most would think.

Shoot The Girl First's is indeed new comers to this music scene but don't hold your breath too much their style falls between the lines of Asking Alexandria meets Chelsea Grin with The Word Alive.

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