Monster High's Own Spin Off Series Ever After High

Mattel's infamous popular line Monster High the high school where the sons and daughters of the famous monsters roam the halls and lifestyles have got a whole new world than just the monster world. This world takes the beloved fairy tales we grew to love as children and takes their sons and daughters of the royal and evil families bringing them into a world known as Ever After High a new high school for fairy tales alike.

So in other words, shut the storybooks you thought you knew! The next generation of fairy tales are about to discover there is more to becoming a legend than being destined for greatness, and friendship is stronger than any magical curse. Whether these High School students embrace their legacy or choose to rewrite their destiny, the script is about to be flipped. This isn't your mother’s fairy tale… this is Ever After High!

At Ever After High, everyone from the fairest Royals to Rebel dreamers wonder if the future is fate, or if destiny just waiting to be rewritten. Are you a Royal or a Rebel? Either way, your Happily Ever After starts now!

Meet the spellbinding students of Ever After High! While the school Royals want to follow their parents’ footsteps to their own Happily Ever After, the Rebels feel their destinies aren't written in permanent ink. THE END… is just the beginning.

This spin off series sets to be focused upon two characters Apple White and Raven Queen eager to know more about these fabulous pair by reading their input below;

Apple White;

Destined for greatness, Apple White wants nothing more than to live out her legacy, poisoned apple and all! Don’t judge this book by her cover, though. She may be the fairest one in the halls, but her beauty is definitely more than skin deep. She’s a natural born leader, loves woodland creatures and treats her responsibilities as the future queen royally seriously!

Raven Queen;

Some think she’s a rebellious dreamer; others, a wicked troublemaker. One thing’s for sure – Raven Queen is a royally misunderstood (yet totally good at heart) teen who is cursed with a destiny she doesn't want. Her mother, the Evil Queen, may come from a royal bloodline, but that doesn't mean Raven wants to be a feared villain! Truthfully, all Raven wants is the chance to live life her way instead of having it written for her.

Ever After High doesn't stop there with it's story time goodness they have expanded into having their own website, Facebook page and Youtube channel. With that said, they released two story webisode tales one telling the story of Raven Queen HERE and the other of Apple White HERE with an added bonus of who everyone is HERE.

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