Emilie Autumn the Women who Fights Like Girl!

Emilie Autumn has been busy getting the word out of her latest album "Fight Like A Girl" with touring and even more plans underway! Emilie Autumn herself spoke to us once again to discuss this release, touring, and more!

1. Would you say that Emilie Autumn is a solo project of a full on band?

EA: My music is definitely a solo project, and it doesn't take anything away from the Crumpets to say so. No one has any part in the music or story but myself. There’s something inside me that makes me cringe at saying that, and I’m being encouraged to get over that and simply own it. Telling you this is my attempt to do so.

2. Your logo is known to sometimes feature a "rat"  as well as your fan base is called the "Plague Rats" but why use a rat as your symbolize mascot?

EA: The ‘rat’ is the mascot because it symbolizes a creature that, like me and others with a mental illness or complex personality, and like females in general, are irrationally feared and abhorred. They are also crucial to the story told in my book, ‘The Asylum For Wayward Victorian Girls’, as our companions and saviors.

3. Would you mind telling me why you choose to go the mo-hawk route with your hairstyle this time around.

EA: The Mohawk headdress represents the tribal, wild element of the sisterhood that formed during the imprisonment of the inmates, and shows that, once we escape and are on the rampage to take down our oppressors, we have indeed transformed from individual, helpless victims into a strong and beautifully terrifying tribal warriors.

4. You released a video for the song "F.L.A.G." will there be a sequel to the story?

EA: The focus at this time is entirely on the creation of the Broadway musical version of my book.

5. What are the upcoming touring plans?

EA: We are to embark on a European tour in August and September, followed by a few dates in the States.

6. Where haven't you toured that you would like to tour?

EA: I've been incredibly fortunate to have traveled to and performed in so many parts of this world, but I've not yet been to Asia, and we are doing all we can to get there. The support of Asian Plague Rats will help us greatly to accomplish this.

7. What do you truly dream about during your sleep?

EA: Dreams on tour and at home are very different. On tour, sex.

8. What can the fans expect to see from you for the rest of this year?

EA: More shows, more movies (we will be filming Episode 2 of ‘The Devil’s Carnival’ directed by Darren Lynn Bousman shortly), the first single of my side project with actor/producer/singer/dancer Marc Senter, ‘Platonic Friends’ (check out www.PlatonicFriendsOfficial.com to have your mind blown), and just about a billion things I’m not allowed to talk about yet.

9. Is there anything you want to say to the readers to close this up?

EA: I’d simply like to express my gratitude for going on this journey with me, sharing this sanctuary, and showing me that I am, nor will I ever be, alone. We are capable of world domination. We are unlimited. We are magic. Help at least one person every day, and you will have helped yourself more significantly than anyone else ever could.

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