Blowsight - Life & Death

During a time when the "emo scene" struck gold with the music community all whose anyone was sucked into its bitter existence, including a wide range of musical groups from My Chemical Romance, Hawthorne Heights, Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco, among other groups who to this day continue this scene of community goodness. Thus Blowsight fell right into the scene as well with their "Days Of Rain" song, video, and album entitled "Dystopia Lane".

While though the look and music fit the scene well for them and the community the band decide to change things up and so they have just a tad on their latest release "Life and Death". That goes without saying that the title itself still reminisce those good old emo days. Anyway the songs themselves are quite good,  "It' Me You're Looking For", "This Pain",  and "Hit The Radio", are the sum up here that really reveals the band's musical aspect and approach to how they do things now as opposed to how things were done i.e. "Dystopia Lane".

Their music is upbeat, hard rocking, full throttled energy that keeps each listen fresh and unique. Blowsight's image and style have changed a bit here and there but that doesn't stop the creativity that is here.

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