Jonathan Cavier - Blue Room (Remix)

Jonathan Cavier's single "When You Come Around", taken from his sophomore album "Blue Room", had quite the talk about both pieces of content. So much in fact that Jonathan Cavier went on to re-release his sophomore album "Blue Room", in a whole new fashion sense, not literally fashion in terms of attire of appeal, but music sense by taking most of the tracks and remixing them. Hence forth you end up with not just a re-release of a whole album you have already heard but an album that has been remixed and can only be titled as "Blue Room (Remix)".

An album that is just like the original album. While the tracks off it change in length, "Blue Room", consisting of a total of 10-tracks as the "Blue Room (Remix)", album has 12-tracks 2 bonus tracks that are not at the end of the album except one, the other is in the middle of it. This new revision is a remix but it is hard to tell how so. When coming to the sides of remixing a track you can immediately tell the difference, as most remixes contain lots of techno beats, loads of EDM format, you get a feel of it instantly at first glance. In the terms of the tracks off this release, they pretty much sound the same more or less, with some minor differences that make it again, more harder to tell just how they are even remixed in the first place.

For instance when listening to the single "When You Come Around", the original vesus the remixed take on it, you can hear a slight difference in terms of quality, sound, and style. The way the remixed version places itself away from the original version is simple, it has this slight difference in beat of tone. Each version sounding the same but this remixed take is more or less a sample of being different in sounding with more of a  popper feel. The added use of drums or some other type of instrument is different, but it still lacks the quality in making this track stand out as far as being different. It sounds a lot if not more than the exact same deal really.

Like take the next track in the line-up "Hollywood", the remixed version has more of a remixed tone to it, it is more techno driven with a minor EDM feel minor, that you can easily tell it does indeed sound different. It is more harder to really depict or less describe the sound that makes these tracks different from their originals. How it was said prior, when it comes down to remixed content in most forms, there is a lot of a difference, that you can immediately tell, in these number of tracks given for it, it is downright a copycat.

As far as the two bonus tracks added to this revision of an album, "Everything In Our Dreams" and "Thank You Letter", these are the only non-remixed tracks off this remixed album believe it or not. "Everything In Our Dreams", comes in at the middle as said before, number six in fact being for the most part very edgy and upbeat. While the other number "Thank You Letter", is the last number off this remixed release coming in at number twelve. That track pretty much sounds the most different out of all of these tracks, it has this sway of the guitar strokes, drum patterns and even vocal chords, making it more unique and special. It is one of those tracks that becomes more enjoyable to the ear, each time you listen through to it.

When it comes down to it overall, "Blue Room (Remix)", was a re-issue of an album that really did not need to be done. Maybe it could have been done and been as a bonus CD included on the original release of the original version of this album overall. But being as a solo purpose remixed release, it just does not do the job that well for it So forth that it is not a remixed album really, more of an updated enhancement of an album that has already been heard beforehand.

If you plan to re-issue or re-release an album of sorts, there are many ways to do it. Take your material down a whole another path of creativity and craft, having them sound completely different than their original versions. That is how a difference is suppose to appeal to those wanting it to be just that.  Jonathan Cavier's "Blue Room (Remix) is just a re-release of a previous album that really did not need to be done. The first album was fine and dandy, while this take on it, was interesting, with its new additions of content, but that was all it had going for it. Nothing more nor nothing less really there.

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