My Little Pony Equestria Girls Movie Review

"The magic of friendship never changes" is the direct quote and meaning of the new spin off series to Hasbro's thirty year run of the infamously popular My Little Pony franchise. So with it having such a huge fan base since the start it has gone through a series of changes over the course of its thirty year run, now that the ponies have changed so has the animation, storytelling, themes, etc. Hasbro's newest take is the fourth generation or G4 entitled My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, since its launch in 2010 the series has gone into three consecutive seasons with a fourth underway, and so since the series has done so well, Hasbro and the creators though they would take on the series in a whole new way.

This way would be a spin off to the series called Equestria Girls, this movie in limited release takes your beloved mane six ponie friends on an all new journey well somewhat, while the mane 6 are included in the story the main aspect is focused upon Twilight Sparkle and her assistant Spike.  As the story begins we are brought to Ponyville where the ponies arrive in Equestria to visit the royal court, so Twilight can prepare and learn to be a Princess. As the ponie's go to bed for the night an intruder sneaks their way into the castle stealing Twilight's crown. Twilight and the mysterious pony to be revealed as Sunset Shimmer embark on a chase which leads them to a room where this magic mirror is displayed and Sunset Shimmer dashes off right into it entering a whole another world completely.

The following day the ponies get together and Twilight must pursue Sunset Shimmer through the mirror and that she does entering a world that would be a human version ponyville where Twilight enters a high school known as Canterlot High. There she finds Sunset Shimmer as well as a lot of other fan favorite ponies from the mane 6 of course to others including Big Mac, DJ Pon-3, the cutie mark crusaders, with a ton of other recognizable and fan favored characters including some surprises!

Twilight then meets a young boy named Flash the two share a few conversations here and there while Sunset Shimmer tries her best to get Twilight in trouble pulling pranks, jokes, and other mishaps which later lead Twilight to sign up for the Princess formal in which then she would be able to get back her crown. The formal is of course a school dance and everyone gets together having an enjoyable time but that soon is shattered when the crown is again stolen and evil takes over leaving the main six to fend for themselves.

 In the end this spin off to the popular franchise has been done and is indeed real for those wanting to believe it or not, it's just as it was with the series keeping to the same tactics used in animating, music, effects, everything that you enjoy about the series you will enjoy in this movie. Expect for it to branch out into other forms of media ranging from appeal, toys, music, and perhaps its own series all it's own. A DVD release is coming late this summer with a TV airing in the fall.

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