Death Valley High - Positive Euth

Californian quartet Death Valley High has always kept that doom gloom pop punk vibe dating back to their debut release “The Similarities of the Loveless and the Undead” which would later lead to follow-up "Doom, In Full Bloom" and now that an EP in honor of the doomsday that was said to be but never was, "Survival Program". It has all come down to this..... their third full-length to date simply titled "Positive Euth". It's an evolutionary that makes the implications that much better and larger for them because this is just the beginning.

"Positive Euth is the rebirth or the reawakening," affirms Reyka. "It's all about shedding dead layers and limbs, and re-animating. We've evolved in the three most important areas as musicians, songwriters, and drinkers. We survived doomsday to be positively undead." Thus this release continues that doom gloom pop punk tradition except refreshes' it if you will. Songs like "How2Kill", "Commit To Knife", "Undead Eat Lead", "Batdanse", and "Blood Drive", collect that essence that is Death Valley High. It's heavy built on the past releases hands down but it really defines who these guys are and who they have come to be as individuals and musicians. It goes to the extremes of achievement leaving nothing untouched or behind.

The instruments work well throughout this entire release, everything is put in accordance with one another, working in terms of following through if you will, bass, guitar, drums, and vocals come together as one whole focus, like a whole circle coming round and round making the material pitch perfect in such detail it's truly flawless yet endless.....

You will not want to look away from this or Death Valley High because these guys have a message to send out and it's that "We want listeners to know that they don't have to feel like folk, indie, or pop music is the instant go-to. We want to bridge like-minded fans and bands to stand up for all sorts of music with teeth. We want to move from an uncategorized rockstatus into an uncategorized movement."

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