Modern Day Escape - New Life

Modern Day Escape a band who has come quite a long way in more ways than just one. For instance the band's line-up it has been flip flopping left and right since "House Of Rats" was released. Now that two follow-ups have followed through "Under The Gun" and now "New Life" these guys have yet another take a whole another approach than their previous releases.

"House Of Rats" kept the screaming heavy hitting aggression while "Under The Gun" somewhat continued it with a more modern day twist and now that "New Life" is upon us it again takes another toll and takes another shot at the whole modern day approach with its more hard rock appeal. "This Ain't Love",  "Leavin Home", and "Bound by Blood", are the more rock appealed songs offered here whereas "20 Years", "Scared as All Hell", and "Saying Goodbye", are more ballad based having that softer approach that keeps the melodies and emotions overflowing like an overflowed tub.

It looks to be another release that indicates the bands style and ability towards being musicians, having the material both lyrical, instrumental, and vocals to be firm yet softy having it become a rock record none the less.

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