Star Scream - Sexploitation

Star Scream is a collective of human beings from the South East of England who use guitars, drums, white noise, strings, feedback, shouting and pianos to conjure up melodies to mesmerize in the 21st century. With that these guys have taken the use of alternative meets industrial with its combination of the two it leads it all down to their release entitled "Sexploitation".

This release has taken this combination and developed it into a variety of tunes ranging from "Roseblood (Weeping Willow)", "Die On The Floor", "Scenester", "Frightmare", and "When Crimson Lips Spell Murder ", thus you get a series of groovy guitar riffs, interesting drum patterns, vocal melodies, with edgy bass lines that makes these tunes and release that more interesting and unique let alone creative.

It is certain that these guys clearly know what they're doing when it comes down to making music, and with these creative factors at play, there is no telling or stopping them whatsoever.

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