Dominic Wolfe the Guy Who Ties and Talks!

Everyone has a hobby or even a fetish and for director, producer, and cinematographer Dominic Wolfe he has taken the erotica route as his personal pass time. For that he has looked into a lifestyle known simply as bondage where he takes adult aged women 18 and over and uses his crafty skills to bind them up and gag them using these to photograph and even video graph their priceless squirms and struggles. He himself took the time to discuss what this lifestyle and what it truly is all about.

1. Introduce yourself, tell me what you do.

My Name is Dominic Wolfe and I am the CEO and Founder of Dominic Wolfe Enterprises, Incorporated based in Los Angeles, CA.  My company specializes in and Produces Fetish Oriented Damsel in Distress Pictures and Videos. I am also Co-Owner of Bond Group Limited and partnership I share with a friend and partner Jay Edwards that is the parent company of

2. Please tell us about the history of being involved within the bondage industry?

I started producing Damsel in Distress Type Videos in 1995 and originally went through a North Hollywood Distributor by the name of Harmony Concepts.  I produced 38 videos for them by the time I went online direct on the internet in 1998.  I also have 5 magazines that Harmony and I released of the photos of my work that were distributed by Lyndon Distributors called "Dominic Wolfe's Damsels in Love Bondage" a moniker created by the Distributor.

3. How would you describe your style? What influenced your style?

My style is no-nonsense, real life bondage and gags, securely, realistically, and effectively tied up girls  along with real, mouth filling, very effective and intense's a very visually dramatic looking product.
My heaviest influences were Jason Cord from the old Sally Roberts Series, The Husband and Wife Team from England that produced the Marti Fraser Series, and a variety of producers and styles that comprised the California Star and H.O.M. (House of Milan), and Harmony Concepts Distributorships.

4. Where are you based out of and what is the bondage scene like there? Are there any local bondage hot spots you could recommend?

I am based out of Los Angeles and to be honest I don't seek out or know of any local bondage spots although there are websites out there like that are constructed and geared to help bondage enthusiasts find locals in their area who meet up or have get togethers........I know there are many out there but in my experience very few are bondage based, most are S & M or Impact Play.....I stick with my personal industry friends and the models I work with which gives me more than enough time to play.

5. What could one expect from Dominic Wolfe show?

An intense, dramatic, real life, yet fun and light hearted scenario that shows a girl being very securely yet safely, and heavily bound up as she Fights, Bitches, is Snobby, Snotty, Defiant, and Feisty and eventually ends with her mouth getting fully packed with some form of cloth packing such as her socks or panties that gets taped and wrapped in securely after which she is laughed at, teased, taunted, her ass gets cracked, boobies groped, feet tickled, and just generally "played with" non-sexually before left totally screwed and fuming mad, squirming and gagtalking/bitching up a storm trying to get free. Lots of intense, fast paced, real and dramatic action to get your heart racing and your blood pumping!

6. How did you get the name, Dominic Wolfe and does it have a meaning behind it?

Dominic was my Italian grandfathers first name on my Dad's side and Wolfe was my Grandmothers Maiden name on my Mom's German side.

7. What are your expectations?

As far as a model goes......Ideally she will "get it" as far as the psychology of the whole damsel in distress thing is all style.....actually Not being Submissive, understanding that the more heavily bound up she is the more visual, more dramatic, the better, the same with being gagged, the more (safely) her mouth can be packed, taped and wrapped and the more she fights it the better....... Along with "getting the psychology" she needs to be able to have a lot of energy, be willing to work hard, have a bit of rough and tumble Tom Boy in her, and not be afraid to bring her own style to the table of "reacting" and "acting out" the roleplaying she is be tough, yet communicative, common sense, logic, and most of all have fun with it and don't take it too seriously. I do expect them to work hard and strive to give me the best they can within their abilities and the framework with which we are working in and towards.

8. What plans do you have for the future?

I am currently looking at Producing and doing "Live Shows" which I have never done.......Its the final frontier for me to be able to set up a time and have people sign up to watch me Bind, Gag, and put on the show "Live" with a model in "real time".  I am also looking into doing some Super Heroine Storyline type videos that have the Fantasy and Fictional Costumes they love so much combined with a cute, silly story but have dramatic and real bondage and gags that is usually lacking in this area.

9. Where can we check out your work and buy your stuff?

I have two sites, my main site that has DVD's, Pay Per View Video Streaming, Downloadable Clips and a Photo Archive site at:

And I have a shared picture pay site with a partner by the name of Jay Edwards that has new, current photo updates along with 4 free streaming videos at any given time along with 100's of free, mini downloadable clips at:

You can also follow me on twitter and watch the back and forth banter between myself and my current models in real time.

10. Any final words of wisdom?

For both producers and models.........Be Safe.......take the time and really take the time and learn your craft, your trade.........doing this stuff takes strong communication skills and technical knowledge along with common sense and logic......Producers need to practice and gradually improve their skills, models need to know what questions to ask and not be afraid to ask tough questions as it pertains to her safety......have fun with what you do, don't take it too seriously, work hard, play hard, don't rule anything in, don't rule anything out, live in the moment but plan for tomorrow, always strive to be positive and stay away from the needy and the greedy. Hope to see you all with us, feel free to write to me if you wish at: and thank you all for your support! 

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