Obsolesce - Pure Agrarian Metal

California locals Obsolesce have got a little album they like to call "Pure Agrarian Metal" now you're probably wondering what does agrarian mean and why is it together with metal? Well the term agrarian refers to farmers so farmers who are metal? Guess so.....

These guys consider their style of music to be both aggressive and dynamic hence the songs "Soul with a Corpse", "Impervious to Pain", and "What Grows Inside?" these selections really showcases the band's aggressive yet dynamic sides as they say, allowing the instrumentals to come together showing that soft yet mean side put together into one. The vocals are purely progressive built on that aggressive with nothing but screaming attics coming at you left and right making the music that more memorable.

While listening to them this release brought to mind acts such as DevilDriver meets classic heavy metal with an edge of modern metal thrown in surly to be a hit not to miss.

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