Snow White's Poison Bite Gets Spooky!

If you are a fan of metal or any of its various sub genres, you are well aware that some of our heaviest bands actually hail from the cold, unforgiving eastern parts of Europe. It has become overwhelmingly clear that Finnish exports deliver hard hitting riffs and gut wrenching screams time and time again. That said, it should come as no surprise that Joensuu, Finland has brought us our newest dream team in the form of the four-piece alternative horror-punk band, SNOW WHITE’S POISON BITE

Formed in 2007 as a simple “screamo” band, by singer/songwriter Allan Cotterill a.k.a Jeremy Thirteenth the band has since evolved into something much more than that. The band released two EP’s under a small Finnish label, Poko Records. Breaking ground as one of Finland’s very first “screaming, hardcore” bands and quickly gathered a large following, winning fans over with their commitment to delivering intensity on every level. 

After signing a recording contract with Sound of Finland’s Hyeena Trax in 2010, they released their long awaited debut album, The Story of Kristy Killings, which was sold worldwide. The album served as a reintroduction to their fans, revealing a far more conceptual appeal and attitude. with more of a horror-rock style . Reflected in not only their appearance but their riffs as well, SNOW WHITE’S POISON BITE have become Finnish rock icons, with all eyes on them. As most bands do, SNOW WHITE’S POISON BITE underwent a drastic lineup change in early May 2011. Leaving band-founder, vocalist Allan Cotterill, as the only original member. 

Determined to keep his fans happy and the band alive, Allan went to work, searching for new members to create the new and improved SNOW WHITE’S POISON BITE. Today, the bands high-energy line up consists of vocalist Allan “Jeremy Thirteenth” Cotterill, guitarist Tuomo “Tupi” Raisanen, bassist Hannu “Bobo” Saarimaa and drummer Niko "Hoker Dine" Hyttinen. The new, tailor-made team has currently recorded their second studio album creating their highly anticipated Victory Records debut full-length album, titled "Featuring: Dr.Gruesome And The Gruesome Gory Horror Show".

Frontman vocalist Jeremy Thirteen took the time to discuss their current time in the U.S. with the numerous touring that they have done so far and how much more that can take and have planned for this year!

1. Welcome to the U.S. what's the experience been like for you so far and is it what you pictured it would be? Do you think it's better or worse than what you expected?

Jeremy: Hi, there! I actually came over here with no expectations. Everything has been good so far and I'm really happy to see our fans at all the shows.

2. You guys were a part of the Bryan Stars Tours, how was that and what was that like for you?

Jeremy: It was a fun tour for all of us. We're just happy to be here in the US. Lots of fans came out to see us.

3. What are your favorite things about touring in the U.S.?

Jeremy: Seeing new places and meeting lots of interesting people.

4. Do you think not being from the U.S. influences your sound?

Jeremy: I guess the dark and cold nights of Finland inspire me to write what I write. I wouldn't mind living in the US.

5. Have you noticed the economy affecting your tour attendance or merch sales?

Jeremy: Not really. This is our first time in America and things have been going well, I'm happy with that and maybe next time it will be even better.

6. During your shows when you do throw on the face paint, how long does it take each member to get ready?

Jeremy: It takes us all around 40 minutes to do.

7. For your stage set up you of course have props, you have the banners with the band's name on it, but once a tour or show is over, where do those props go, like if you keep them at your house do you set them up showing off?

Jeremy: The banners we're using now will stay here in America.

8. Aside from those props will we be seeing an actual Dr. Gruesome roaming on stage?

Jeremy: When we have the money I would love to do that. Maybe in the future!

9. What the best prank you've played on band mates or other bands?

Jeremy: Haha! I haven't really done any pranks yet.

10. Do you have any tour horror stories?

Jeremy: So far I don't.

11. Your first album, The Story of Kristy Killings, was only released to the U.S. digitally through iTunes, we will be seeing a re-release and a physical release?

Jeremy: I would like to re-release it here in America.

12. Do you ever see the Kristy Killings character and Dr. Gruesome to come together in anyway or is the Kristy Killings character and time done?

Jeremy: Who knows?  Only the future will tell. I don't see it happening right away.

13. What else can the fans expect to see from you guys for this year?

Jeremy: We have some more tours we're working on and I would like to do another video. Just stay tuned everybody!

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