Falling In Reverse - Fashionably Late

People alike were hyped up when Ronnie Radke former frontier of Escape The Fate was released from jail and had been busy writing material for what would turn into "The Drug In Me Is You" it was a solid release with hard hitting guitar riffs, drum beats, bass lines, even the vocal structure was pure aggression. Now that some time has gone and Ronnie Radke has an ever growing following the material has to be better than the last release right? Well no not exactly......this is "Fashionably Late".

This time around Falling In Reverse's material sticks it's ground with how they do things with an addition twist Ronnie Radke's take and love for rap music? Indeed so Ronnie Radke takes the reins of rap artist meets pop punk the combination of the two busts out tunes like "Champion", and "Alone",  which had everyone asking "WTF happened" left and right, while other songs noted includes  "Born To Lead", "It's Over When It's Over", "Game Over",  has its moments, while "Self-Destruct Personality", pulls things back a bit with its brutalizing screams placed only here and there with its pop punk fashions leading the way left and right. "Keep Holding On", turns out to be a ballad, one that everyone can relate too.

The fan base on the other hand had are on edge with this release having it be "the best album of 2013" to "love, love, love it" with others saying "that this shit sucks" to "it's painfully bad actually embarrassed for them" while some go as far as comparing this material to that of Skrillex meets Deuce with a combo of Blood On The Dance Floor and brockencyde. In short this release is a step in a direction in which these guys have shown and wish to walk upon, and whether you like him or not Ronnie Radke will state his mind loud and clear, rather you like it or not.

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