The Fright Horrifies Rock n' Roll!

It's dark, it's sleazy, it's horror rock n' roll! It's The Fright and with several releases under their belts, touring all over the place, and all new shows with all new music underway these creepy gruesome will be here to slay the horror nights away forever and always!

1. How did you come together?

We were classmates since the 5th grade. When I first heard the Misfits in 1999, I decided to start my own project. So I just asked some of my friends if they wanna join and that's it.Danny joined the band a little bit later. Found him just on the street behind some garbage cans.

2. What’s the origin of the band’s name?

We started with the most innovative band name you ever heard: Dark Monsters

3. Out of all the genres in music, why go with picking "Horrock'n'Roll"?

We asked ourselves how we would describe our music. It's difficult 'cause there are so many different styles in it. From goth to sleaze, from horror to romantic to personal themes, so we decided to create our own genre. It's about horror in all spheres of humanity. It's about all hidden things beyond humanity and society. It's about love, it's about death and well, it's Rock'n'Roll!

4. You decided to release the censored version of the "666 Full Speed Ahead" video how come? Can you tell me about this video's concept?

We first released the uncensored version of the video. But what can I say, there was too much sex and too much tits in our video for some bitches. So they informed YouTube about it and they kicked the video. Can't understand it. So much violence and disgusting things on there. But the beauty of girls and passion? NO WAY! We just wanted to do a simple rock video with a little homage for the 80's. Don't take it too serious.

5. When is your video for the song "Nightstalker Returns" going to be filmed and released?

We started to shoot but dismissed it. There were too much difficulties on that. But we'll shoot some videos for our upcoming album soon!

6. Your going to be re-releasing your self-titled album with a few bonus tracks, what made you want to go and re-release this album?

It's a special for the fans. One of the songs is called "So Cold" which is an all time favorite from our first album. It's new recorded. The other song is "Death I Am". That song was one of the sessions we did for our latest album.

7. Can you tell me about the new tracks on the album? If so, can you give us the track title and brief description of how the track sounds and how it came about?

Yes just look to question 6.

8. What are your songs about? (What specific themes do they cover?)

Look to question 3.

9. Do you write your own songs? (Discuss the songwriting process in detail.)

We always did our songs ourselves. Usually I've got rough ideas of melodies, structures and arrangements of songs. Then we finish songs together. Many of the riffs are also from Danny. f.e. 666 Full Speed Ahead.

10. How did you get signed and involved with Fiendforce Records?

I know Thorsten (Founder of Fiendforce) for a decade. We got to know each other from our first gig. They were still playing as "Ghouls" (Later "The Other") which was their Misfits Coverband. We started as a young band who had to gain experience. He always had a look to the way we did.  After many years the time was ripe to work together. So I sent him the demos of our latest album and he was great about that.

11. What are your plans for new music?

We're just writing on our new album and feel great about it! Hope it'll gonna be released in late spring 2014.

12. You guys have a unique sound, which bands would you say influence you the most?

For me it's Danzig. But there are so many bands we are influenced from. To name some: The Cult, Type O Negative, Sisters Of Mercy, Samhain, Billy Idol, Iggy Pop, Guns'n'Roses.... and so on.

13. How do you describe your music to people?

It's dark, it's sleazy, it's for all children of the damned who love guitars and great melodies.

14. What image do you think your music conveys?

I don't care, we just do what we want to do.

15. What was it like to play with The 69 Eyes?

We played 2 tours with them. We were really pumped. But it went away really fast. Those guys are SO great and we already became brothers in blood.

16. What about other shows, what are your current plans for touring and playing shows?

We will tour "Hellnights" with our close friends of "The Other" and "Kitty in a casket) around Halloween time.


31.10.13 Cologne, Underground
01.11.13 Hamburg, Hafenklang
02.11.13 Leipzig, Conne Island

17. Would you like add or say anything to your fans?

We are so grateful to all fans who support us. THANK YOU SO MUCH! And thank you Natalie!
Together we will start the Midnight Revolution! Join us and suck those motherfuckers out!

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