Morbid Spawn - And So It Begins

At the start of the summer, death metal act Morbid Spawn would release a track titled "Immolated Incantation", off their yet to be released summer time full-length album "And So It Begins", out late in the summer, which is now! With that said, the previous track released at the start of the summer, was rather shall we say interesting to say the least.

It provided a glimpse into what the expected would be upon the official release of the album, of which this track came from. Whilst the track was decent enough, the rest of the album it came from, had more variety available. For instance "S.G.T.D", the opener of the album "And So It Begins", really packed in that punch of kicker. The intensity of the drums and guitar usage was brutal. Whereas the vocalization offered was heavy yet full of focus. In other words the track really gave it to the listener at hand. The other tracks that follow would be such as "Path To The Celestrial Realm", and "Tortured", to name a few, those accompanying tracks were even more impactful than the opener or even the early summer single of a track that was "Immolated Incantation".

These other tracks that came after the opener, had more heaviness to them, really giving a headbanging to that neck of yours, that may have not done so for a while. The rest of the album's tracks are that single and one other called "Never To Return", which is perhaps the longest out of the set of tracks to come from this release. It wraps up the album rather nicely, bringing the intensity and heaviness full circle, showcasing what Morbid Spawn is truly all about altogether. Which is in short a Swedish death metal act, who has got proof of their raw talents, that is this release with such content to spare, it is quite the offering to any metal fan out there. Give it a listen, and give these guys a chance as well!

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