Alice In Chains Rocks Hollywood Palladium for the Young and Old!

For a little over 30 years, Alice In Chains has been going strong, since vocalist/guitarist William DuVall took over for former vocalist/guitarist's Layne Staley's death in 2002. Whilst this caused the band to take some down time since his death, the band would continue onward, with William in place, as of 2006 forward. It wouldn't be until 2009 that the band would release all new music in the form of what is their fourth album "Black Gives Way to Blue" in 2009, with the fifth album following in 2013 titled "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here", with the sixth full-length being their most recent and newest to date titled "Rainier Fog" in 2018. For this album's release, the band would set out on tour, playing of course in Los Angeles, California at the venue known to many as the Hollywood Palladium.

The 3,700 capacity sized venue, would be close to selling out on the night of August 29th 2018, where dozens of old school fans would gather inward, dreading the attire of Alice In Chains gear, t-shirts, long sleeve and short sleeve, rocking long hair and short, with all else being young to youngest mixing in together for about an hour and 30 minutes set time, with 18 songs total. Some classical favorites like "Would?", "Rooster", "Them Bones", along with "Man in The Box". Whilst other tracks of the newer material such as "Check My Brain", "Never Fade", "No Excuses", "So Far Under", "The One You Know", and "Stone", to name off a few, among many other tunes that all would know who were there.

Photos Taken By Natalie Perez (Me):

Throughout the band's set which began around 9:40ish that evening, had everyone present erupt in cheers and shouts, as the lights dimmed, coming back on and off in motion with the music, as each of the band members walked on stage, and the next time frame would last for the next hour and a half. The crowd witnessing the band play, singing along to some of the tracks, while others raised their horns high in pride, with all else, shining on their phones to capture a moment of memories only they could cherish dearly.

All in all their performance was breath taking really. Everyone there young and old, were taking in what was being performed right then and there. Surely for many more years to come, Alice In Chains, will always be an act that is remembered for their great music that everyone can recite.


1. Check My Brain
2. Again
3. Never Fade
4. Them Bones
5. Dam That River
6. Hollow
7. Down in a Hole
8. No Excuses
9. Stone
10. We Die Young
11. Red Giant
12. Nutshell
13. It Ain't Like That
14. So Far Under
15. Man in the Box


16. The One You Know
17. Got Me Wrong
18. Would?
19. Rooster (with Robby Krieger of The Doors)

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