Orissa's David Talks Of New Album, Upcoming Single Releases, and Doing Live Shows!

Metal band ORISSA has released content over time, including most recent album "Resurrection", with accompanying single video releases to follow. But besides that range of content to come through, the band will be playing some live showcases, along with releasing even more music as the coming months and year sets itself up. The one person behind the entirety of this band named David Dodini talks about this album, the single video releases and much more.

1. Please go on to introduce yourselves to our readers.

My name is David Dodini. I am the creative force behind the New York based, progressive metal band, Orissa.

2. How did the band form and why did you want to make the music that you do?

I formed Orissa and write the music to express my passions, emotions and the thoughts and ideas that lead to and from them. I chose progressive rock/metal because it has no constraints. It is a genre that has always encouraged the development of one’s own language. Above all, its open ended possibilities for language lends itself to the cathartic, expressive art that I am inspired to make.

3. Can you tell me the story as to why you went with calling yourselves the name that you did?

The band name was inspired by an ancient history and historical figure in South Asia. I thought it was a perfect metaphor or set of metaphors for what I am trying to do with this project. I also liked the sonic qualities of the name itself.

4. What about the music, what type of music is it exactly that you call your own creation?

I call my art form the sonic novel, and as the creator of it, I am the sonic novelist. My approach to the creation of the music and the poetry is more like how a novelist would write a novel. I don’t just stitch together riffs, bridges, choruses, songs, and some lyrics that are just good enough to fit the melodies. I weave musical and poetic characters and themes together. I transition and develop them into a sweeping sonic novel that has a continuity and cathartic arc that makes develops emotionally and logically from the album’s beginning to its end.

5. Where do your influencers come from and what are they so important to you?

I feel that there are sources of inspiration and that there are sources of influence. They aren’t mutually exclusive as sometimes influences can be a source of inspiration. Though, often influences are more craft based, whereas inspiration can be anything. It is the inspiration that is really the life blood of the project - the reason for the music and the development of craft to best express emotions and ideas and insights. My sources of inspiration include: my life experiences; paintings; literature; film; fashion; human beauty; human folly; human triumph; human tragedy; nature; philosophy; science; cosmology to name but a few.

6. What are your songs about and what types of topics do they tend to cover?

The topics vary. The common through line is that the poetry is usually literate and multi-layered with a lot of imagery, and the music uses large scale form to create an emotional journey with a cathartic, dramatic arc. My recent album, Resurrection, is what I call a PsychedeliSensual, EmpyrealErotic sonic novel. It is a cathartic journey that covers many topics including: the psychology the relationship to self as reflection of relationship to others; the humility to see the subtlety of truth and reason and objectivity vs. judgement; eros and the masculine/feminine princip; self realization; divinity; the reflexive interplay of sensuality and spirit.

7. Speaking of songs, what have you released so far, that you can disclose?

I released an EP, "Omens", in 2013. Then I released 2 singles as a set in 2014. In November of 2017 I released a full length album titled, "Resurrection."

8. Will any of this content be made into singles and or video releases?

Yes. I have 4 lyric videos and 2 music videos for songs on, "Resurrection." I will release them over the next several months. Those video releases will include new drum performances and remixes of my songs, "Verse V", and "Blue Communion."

9. Can you discuss what the plans are for you guys for this year?

Yes. The plan is to release the videos and play live shows in the New York and TriState area. If we get demand to play anywhere else, we will do that too. At the same time, I am writing a new album for Orissa. I am writing some songs for a more electronic oriented project as well.

10. Would you like to say or want to add anything else?

Stay tuned for those videos. We’ve put a lot of time and effort into making them visually compelling, inspiring and complete works of art in their own right. Thank you and your audience for taking an interest in Orissa. You can stream the album on Spotify, purchase the album on Bandcamp and subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get notified when these killer videos are released. Stay tuned!

Listen to the album on Spoitfy: https://open.spotify.com/embed/album/7h3U9UoexvKB0XaGV6vvNG.

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