Jackie Venson Goes into Details Of New Music and Future Plans!

Soul, blues, pop artist Jackie Venson is one who sings, plays electric guitar, and writes her own songs as well. Over the course of her career as an artist, she went from playing the piano to the guitar because she felt passionate about playing it, then realizing how the entity of this very world would consume her whole. Thus with that, she herself goes into details about her craft, latest works, and future plans ahead.

1. Please go on to introduce yourselves to our readers.

My name is Jackie Venson, I’m a Soul/Blues/Pop artist out of Austin, Texas. I sing, play the electric guitar, and write songs.

2. How did the band form and why did you want to make the music that you do?

I decided I wanted to switch from piano to electric guitar because I was really passionate about lead guitar playing. From there I realized the entire world that is songwriting and I’ve been floating around in this world ever since.

3. Can you tell me the story as to why you went with calling yourselves the name that you did?

I decided to just go with my name. I liked how my first and last name have the same amount of letters therefore symmetrical.

4. What about the music, what type of music is it exactly that you call your own creation?

It’s a fusion of rock, blues, pop, soul, r&b, and reggae. It seems crazy reading it but when you hear it you’ll understand.

5. Where do your influences come from and what are they so important to you?

All over the place. Just American music as a whole, I could name names all day so I’ll just stick to a few decades - American and American influenced music from 1950 - 2000.

6. What are your songs about and what types of topics do they tend to cover?

I like to write about my life and things I observe around me as well as the emotions that I feel during these experiences.

7. Speaking of songs, what have you released so far, that you can disclose?

My latest release is "Keep On", a song I wrote about the exhilarating experience of finding your soulmate and falling in love with them.

8. Will any of this content be made into singles and or video releases?

Yes. "Keep On" is my 7th single and video release this year. I will be releasing a total of 12 this year, one being a private release via Patreon.

9. Can you discuss what the plans are for you guys for this year?

We will be touring quite a bit and I will be releasing new music for the rest of the year and throughout next year as well.

10. Would you like to say or want to add anything else?

Thank you for the feature. Be sure to follow me on Spotify!

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