Tough On Fridays - Let Down

Over the summer this was 2018, Tough On Fridays had released a single titled "The Waywards", causing quite a buzz about them. Now just a few months to pass, comes the fall season of which has had this band release another single this one titled "Let Down". Will it be a successor to their last release or will it just be as the song title says a "Let Down"?

Well as it just so happens to be, it is surely a track that will please all. In fact, this track just has so much more character for itself. An expressive feel of emotion, depth, and excitement that a vast energy source is hearable when played through. As such, the song just has this instrumentation that is a lot of fun, the vocal chords being very feel some whilst the instruments play along, adding in this angst of gentle tone with progression it makes it mix well together.

There is a lot to take from a song such as "Let Down". so much openness within the mixture of tone and content, that it offers enjoyment purely throughout its contents no matter the playback times. Lyrics for one, are so connecting at times, you feel relation with the music at hand. Everything just adding up, that it builds into this undeniable sense of wisdom and entertainment really.

Tough On Fridays being a type of act whose time thus far, has come to pay off more than just a few times over. They shall be the act to be continually watched upon, with each piece of material that gets a release.

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