Odella - Shine

Where to begin with Odella, in short, it's a multi-genre catalog of music that can be pitched to various acts or used in different forms of media i.e. TV, film, and other sources of usage. Odella as an individual is a member of The Guild of Songwriters and Composers, ASCAP and all of the music is copyrighted with rights reserved of course. Plus Odella is one that is associated with Plutonia Productions for publishing as well. Thus with that said, "Shine", is the latest piece of work, featuring a guest spot from Ivory Lee whose own performance is done quite well.

As a whole, Odella's style is very broadened by all means. It is familiar, as it blends in taking note of other popular genres ranging from pop to hip hop, rap, and R&B sources, is where "Shine", takes inspiration from. The tone of beats set up, makes the take more enjoyable and has a good catchiness to it, that makes it lasting.

Accompanier Ivory Lee showcases their craft of the arts, by providing vocalization that creates a rather well put together angst with an added layer of depth, that just makes the music bounce along. The vocals presented being soothing yet gripping at times. The two together both music and vocals work so willingly together, it makes the "Shine", track even more playable that it can be left on repeat no questions asked.

All in all, Odella's "Shine", is just a sort of track, that has character and leverage to it. It being easily presentable to a club setting or any other form of media or medium at hand. Ivory Lee was a good outreach to look upon when picking a partner to create such an entrancing tune for all to hear.


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