Les Fradkin - Wave Rider

Who would have thought that a genre such as "Surf Rock" even existed. But alas it does, and is brought forth by Les Fradkin. His most recent works can be heard in the form of his newest and latest single of a track titled "Wave Rider".

His usage of the surf rock genre, and rock genre as well, takes on an all new sound approach for the genres, that just has been making a lot of noise. So much in fact, that this instrumentalist has had this particular take appearing on the Bango Boy Surf Compilation release titled "Gnarly Wave, Vol. 3".
But not only has that happened, but Les' new surfing of a single "Wave Rider", has an accompanying video of Les Fradkin himself performing the single in a live setting, of what appears to be his own house base or small studio. Either or, his showcasing tactics are just flawless and have a lot of energy to spare.

In terms of the song itself, it is as you say rock based, except purely instrumental all the way through. No vocal track or any other instrumentation provided. Purely just Les Fradkin playing the Hallmark 60 custom  "Les Fradkin" Signature Guitar and the Hallmark "Gospel" MK V Guitar. Those are the only specialties made available, that make this groovy of a track more catching. It's like a tune you would hear be played within the likes of a beach setting or club of some sort if the crowd of folk was just right. It has this undertone that makes the beat just flow non-stop.
With that being said, the track as a whole, is short but good. One that can be played again and again, without being tired of it. Whilst there may not be any other instrumentation or vocalization present, it does leave an everlasting essence of ease.

Les Fradkin's "Wave Rider", being a surf rock track indeed, his works being catching for many more welcoming years to come. This track just a glimpse into furthering new coming's that will drift atop the waves we shall not forget about.


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