Cultura Tres Releases Video for "La Cruz Del Seis"

Hailing from from Venezuela and now residing in The Netherlands; in a what could be described as a metal approach to a macabre symphony, Cultura Tres have created a gnarly video clip for "La Cruz Del Seis" from their acclaimed "La Secta" album.

The song which is based on the power of symbolism, "Explores how it rules the lives of so many who can’t look further than religion (including South American beliefs such as Brujeria). The song lures the listener in to gradually confront the big questions in life. It calls out the illusive relief given by spiritual practices which try to block the acceptance of death as a clear end. "La Voz Del Tiempo" which roughly translates as "The Voice of Time" refers to the only voice that actually has a a real saying in our lives: The inevitable passing of time..."

Check out the video here:

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