LowKeyyTM - My Way

LowKeyyTM as he is musically known, is an alternative rap artist whose name can also go as Tristan Molina. This artist has just to happened to have made an announcement of the release of his first single titled "My Way", It was produced by Jerome, and is a track combining his likeness and genre choices, ranging from fusing together an alternative background that is mixed with the modernized times that is hip-hop and trap beats. In short, LowKeyyTM has proven that his music skills are a curse of the music in which he creates and a way of the future. His writing and singing abilities taking off, as this new single and even more music is on the way, with LowKeyyTM being determined to spread his music to all who can hear from all around the world.

Thus, with that, "My Way", takes his influences such as I See Stars, Billy Idol, and Post Malone to great expectations, as his styling of influencers is put into great effect. His inspiring of positive messages to those in ear shot, hearing all that is said. For instance, the influencers he looks upon, are noticed greatly within "My Way', whereas the lyrical context, is meaningful, dealing with LowKeyyTM experiencing with stuff in his life, that just so happen to go his way. Even while he may be the same, but different and real, he is still himself, creating music is what he does best. Being focused on himself, just creating music that all can hear it and feel the emotions put into it.

It's all that can be heard within this track "My Way". Feeling's of pure expression, angst, and energy is all driven within this one track. Whilst other material of his works has been released as well , "My Way", just demonstrates more of a passionate side to him. The tone of the song for example, being mellow yet upbeat, keeping up with the vocal chords for one, keeps everything else in check. In other words, the material just flows with all else really.

LowKeyyTM is just an artist of sorts, whose current single of first chance that is "My Way", is going his way for now. It showcasing what he can do, with his talents and choice of abilities available. Surely this one track will lead into many other works, that will grab and uplift you, revealing an inner being that can be relatable without you needing them to be in the first place.

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