Xael Holiday Interview

XAEL gives quite an array of answers for what they do in terms of the holiday season. Vocalist/guitarist Nassaru talks about what happens when XAEL gets into the holiday spirit!

1. What are you doing for the holidays?

Nassaru: We are going to eat lots of pie, the best pie in the Appalachian mountains to date!

2. This Halloween season I did what?

Nassaru: Well, since we dress up daily in odd and barbaric attire, we usually take that day to attempt to look normal, which still never fairs as hoped. Candy, music, and someone ends up naked!

3. Did you dress up this year?

Nassaru: Of course, there is a lot of personas and weird wardrobes to try out, just not enough body space to attend to!

4. What is your favorite Halloween candy or treat?

Nassaru: We have come to the consensus that the large Reese peanut butter cup is the best! But there is always one that seems to enjoy the harsh and non delectable "butterfingers" bar.

5. What are you thankful for?

Nassaru: We are thankful for our families, our music, the support we get, and for that Reese's peanut butter cup!

6. Do you have a favorite dish for Thanksgiving or do you enjoy everything?

Nassaru: If a tornado had a odd and probably terrifying exoskeleton similar to skin, then it would be our banner for truth in the world of eating. We will eat with zero preference to where and how. Only when!

7. Who's the one out of the band, that eats the most, when it comes to the holiday season?

Nassaru: We would state that Nassaru eats the most as he has some girth to his purse, but Tuurm has made it apparent that if needed, he would eat one of us. So that is a relative statement.

8. Do you or have you gone shopping on Black Friday, if so what did you find and buy? Or have you gone out to see the sights of the crowds?

Nassaru: Whats Black Friday? Oh well I was informed that such is they day where the populace takes it upon themselves to test each others ability to be jack-asses. Can we say that?

9. When it comes to the holiday season, does the band all get together, or does everyone do their own thing?

Nassaru: We were literally eating our Christmas meal together while going through this so, we celebrate. We all cook a little. Our bass player being Mexican makes the best salsa. Look for it in stores "Xolotl's Mo-Fo Salsa" a taste that will burn your face off!

10. What is your favorite Christmas song to sing and why?

Nassaru: A few of us actually enjoy Christmas songs. Greensleeves, Oh' Holy Night, Hammer Smashed Face, and that one song that comes on in ever Sear's store that none of us can remember the name of but we can hum.

11. One thing you really want for Christmas is what?

Nassaru: Well here is the list from the guys: A better hot water heater, Reese peanut-butter cups, true love, and a really big axe!

12. Do you still believe in Santa Claus? Enough so, that you would pay him a visit at the mall or other local events?

Nassaru: What are you asking?? Will a gamma ray over-cook an unsupervised meatloaf! Of course there is a Santa and he does not visit malls, which we cannot explain now due to obligatory safety precautions.

13. What type of Christmas tree do you prefer white or green or your own version?

Nassaru: We have a tree made from the souls of southern virgin pirates (you know the young ones), topped with a petrified Kraken, born to a crab fisherman with no hope of returning to the sea! Well, yeah it’s just a very normal and fantastically green tree.

14. Are you a late or early Christmas shopper?

Nassaru: One is late, one is early, one is looking at me writing this with a sense of realization that he did not buy me anything, and the other just went and peed during this question.

15. One thing you have to do on New Year's Eve?

Nassaru: Get naked! Generally consensus.

16. Do you have any New Year's resolutions?

Nassaru: No way, a resolution is doomed to fail. Commitment, ambition, discipline, all of these traits need to become fundamental to the "self" as a foundation before success can be achieved. When you have a house, everyone sees the nice walls and the murals and pictures and furniture, but if the foundation if the house is weak then it is limited and prone to faster degradation. So there is everyone’s fortune cookie of the year ha! Thank you very much for the interview and a huge thank you to all that is supporting us and our musical mission!

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