David K. Mathews - The Fantasy Vocal Sessions Vol. 1

He has been known as an eclectic musician for some time now, being able to use the ability he has crafted to play so many musical styles in his diverse line-up of instrumentals that is the keyboard, there is no telling just which style he will end up playing next within his career as a musician. Thus, his time frame as a musician has been quite extensive, having like many, an uphill and a downhill to the industry of music, his career on the other hand, being one that will not be forgotten.

That said, David K. Mathews has gotten together an array of vocalists  That said, David K. Mathews has put together a collection of standards from the great American songbook that is performed in a typical small group jazz setting. Taking matters into his own accordance of course, he has gathered vocalists of which he has had an important part within his life as a musician, over the years ranging from 1979 to present day times that is 2017 entering 2018. These singers include such as, Steve Miller, Maria Muldaur of “Midnight At The Oasis” fame, long-time Santana vocalist Tony Lindsay, Amikaeyla, jazz vocal phenom Kenny Washington, and a host of others. Saxophonist Wayne de Silva is featured on many tracks, and the rhythm section is anchored by veteran east coast drummer Akira Tana, bassist Peter Barshay, and legendary S.F. Bay Area guitarists Jim Nichols and Carl Lockett.

So then, as said prior "jazz" should be the key word of the particular music style in question here, which brings us to the album all of which this is all attached to titled “The Fantasy Vocal Sessions Vol. 1", on Effendi Records. This album taking on the amount of 13-tracks, indeed right lucky number 13 but it works in a good way, than bad way. For these assorted tracks all play in the favor of the music. All of those featured upon it, bring it their very all in material, craft, skill, and focus. Like take for instance the opening number "I Want To Talk About You", it delivers a smooth jazz feel with pop idealistic edge, that captures the mood and swing time era of the classic time's of the 20's to the modern day. The style brings to mind that if another jazz time artist, pop rock jazz act known as Jamie Cullum out of the U.K. His style is a lot like the material on this track, as well as many other tracks off this album. In which those tracks include "Blue Skies", "Smile", "The More I See You", and "Well Be Together Again".

While a lot of these tracks have vocals placed here and there, on these songs it is strictly instrumental working's which is fine, because Jamie Cullum's style has some catchy instrumental pieces as well. Together David K. Mathews's style is a lot like Jamie Cullum's in more ways than just a few or even one. Speaking of which, David K. Mathews's keyboarding work, is done really well put together, he adds this element that really directs the music, making it groove right along to the melodies pulsating outward. In other words, the music he creates is just well balanced and well rounded works, that makes the music stand out, rather it being slow and mellow to fast and upbeat, the style is preserved and content.

All in all though "The Fantasy Vocal Sessions Vol. 1", is a solid piece of work, that has a well grounded array of artists and musicians to be a part of it. This first volume of sorts, being one of many surely to follow suit. David K. Mathews at the helm of it all, bringing together many more acts to join in, on the upbeat, catchy, and entertaining essence of jazz music, or any other style that can come to his mind and tips of his fingers, via the keyboard method of art and craft.

Purchase tickets right HERE. Check out a video of David K. Mathews performing "Oye Como Va" with Carlos Santana over HERE. Official website can be found HERE.

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