Candy Ambulance - Spray

Candy Ambulance's new EP "Spray", takes on the genres to that of alternative, grunge rock, with some pop hooks with loads of punk energy, all within their sound barriers. So after listening to their first single "Weekday", that comes from the EP "Spray", you get hit with all that was said previously. In terms of influences and or comparisons their style brought on an element of pure 90's grunge days, to that of Nirvana, Soundgarden, and even Pearl Jam, with even modern day acts like The Dollyrots, Screaming Females, Charly Bliss or even The Breeders. That's how "Spray", works its music magic, with elemental class. You get one feeling of concept then get hit with another feeling altogether, it's a hit or miss reality of it the whole EP depiction really. In truths though, Candy Ambulance is one fine act, their female vocalist does a swell enough job, that allows for the instrumental portions provided, to be well tuned, and fined out to sound just flawless. If not at that, perhaps even rather touching at times. How the way the music just works itself out, in terms of this EP release, lots of angst, heaviness, and fun. If that works for you, then that'd be fine and dandy by them, because here is an act with material to spare, it clearly shows with no disappointments whatsoever. Expect more to follow in tow without a doubt.

Candy Ambulance's EP "Spray" will be released February 16th 2018


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