Cryptic Grave - Self-Titled

Cryptic Grave has decided that self-titling their most recent working's would be the right choice. But is it really? Well in this case of matters, does it even matter if at all. Nope not really, because while that is indicating who they are as an act, it is more about their music, which is old school death metal! Think of acts like Death, Possessed, Bolt Thrower, or even Pestilence. All of which had this genre as well, put to good use, so does Cryptic Grave with this release. It starts off rather intently as the music builds up, with "Self-Mummified", leading directly into the others like "Sadistic Funeral" and "Open Corpse". While the rest picks up the remains, allowing for the music to be well rounded, sounding heavy yet energy driven. Vocals and instrumentals showcasing more of a well kept approach to the sound, keeping the style progressing forward, as the aggression is in check, making it all heavy through and through. That is how this self-titled album plays off, nothing more than just good old heaviness.

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