The Psycho Season - These Paths Lead Us Where We Started From

Before the obvious gets released, artists and bands always give out that glimpse or ideal of who they are by releasing an assortment of singles from said release. In the case of The Psycho Season who went ahead to release a trio of releases over a span of time, included such as "Two Steps Back", "Ghosts", and "Fall Like Rain". All of which come from what is the band's first debut full-length album simply titled "These Paths Lead Us Where We Started From".

That said, The Psycho Season's debut efforts is a rather nice well put together release. Their style being a combination of sorts, ranging from grunge, rock, stoner rock and heavy metal elements as well. These genres can be heard clear as a bell, within the trio of singles released prior, but on other tracks from this album as well. Which include such as "Hollow", "More And More", "Sky In Smoker", and "Under The Sun", to name a few. While the rest rather blend in together with it as a wholesome truths. In other words, their style takes on the said genres, having them round off to being a lot like Alice In Chains meets Soundgarden. That is whom they resemble a lot of really. Having that kicker of adrealine with punch beating rushes of angst and energy. It being merely fast paced music with an even heavier approach in terms of the music. In short, their music just kicks, it runs its course to being solid works of raw aggression, that progresses over time.

The Psycho Season is an act to follow and one to keep an eye on for sure. It can all be best put together in the likeness that is their debut album "These Paths Lead Us Where We Started From", a well rounded source of material, that kicks you down but keeps it heavy too.

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